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JongOk Kim
Suwon-si, Korea Republic of


TECH: Big Data, TECH: Machine Learning, TECH: Development


I have aimed to help the company to perform their business well by leveraging data and technology. For this, after graduating with my Master degree in Management of Technology, I have an extensive experience in managing data-related solutions. At first, I started my career as a consultant in the SCM field of manufactures. It was to clarify customer's needs and to help them solve the issues using technology. It was a wonderful thing, but I built my career further to get to know the technology better. Mainly focused on data-related technologies. I've helped collect, process, and use big data and see how it impacts businesses. And I've established and led a team to optimize performance marketing using that technology and have proven many achievements. Based on these experiences, I want to help startups that need my help.