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Joannes Hotagua
Accra, Ghana


GROWTH: Brand, GROWTH: Marketing, GROWTH: Business Development


Joe is a strategic advisor with over 14 years of professional experience helping Startups monetize their digital assets & Fortune 500 Brands reach their target customers through online advertising. In 2012 Joe began his advisory/investment career by personally investing in PeepsOut, a minority-run Livestream mobile app, that allowed users to see the crowd size at bars and restaurants in real-time. At its peak, there were 90 restaurants and bars (in two cities) on the service, and $350K raised in funding ($100k Joe personally sourced from investors). In 2020, after going back to Sierra Leone for the fifth time in 18 months, and visiting Ghana for the first time, Joe decided to leave my most recent role at Hulu, and move to Ghana to focus on advising companies in Africa full time. Joe currently works Jumia as Head Of Advertising for Ghana. He also runs Hotagua Enterprises, a Freetown, Sierra Leone-based advisory firm. Since moving to the continent, He has partnered with both MEST and Founder's Institute to advise/mentor their startups on how to build their brands online and increase their footprint with their prospective customers. Joe looking to work with companies on the continent that share the same mission of helping entrepreneurs in Africa, gain access to the same resources afforded to their counterparts in the US and Europe. Joe believes that Google is doing exactly that, and would like to be a part of what you are doing. Lastly, Joe started a Youtube channel in February, chronicling his move to the continent, and has already qualified for the partner program. He plans to continue to share his journey and begin interviewing startups along the way.