Jente Rosseel
Nairobi, Kenya


TECH: Architecture, TECH: Development, PEOPLE: Development


Jente Rosseel is CEO of Elewa CV. A Msc. Eng. in Computer Science, Jente has been active in the European and SSA startup scenes from the start of his career. A teacher by heart, and engineer by trade, Jente's core expertise is centred around two domains, i.e. large scale professional development and IT Cloud Architecture. Jente founded Elewa in 2015. Elewa supports organisations with the development of large-scale CPD programs through use of technology and smart coaching. Since 2020, Jente also founded iTalanta . Doubling as a training institute and software agency, iTalanta offers world-class technology training to highly-skilled individuals while offering end-to-end technology services to cutting-edge companies across EU and SSA-regions. Through iTalanta, Jente acts as fractional CTO for 3 startups today. Jente has experience as lead engineer on EdTech, FinTech, AgriTech, search engines, AI and HR-Tech projects. Jente is passionate about supporting people in their growth and seeing them reach out to their full potential. A versatilist, his interests lie wide and deep. Fun fact; As many engineers, in his spare time you can find Jente behind the keys or guitar.