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Gustavo Alvarado
Bogotá, Colombia


PRODUCT: Management, PEOPLE: Management, GROWTH: Marketing


Gustavo, a Country Marketing Manager for Google, currently helps Colombian businesses grow their online platforms through equipping them with Google products. He believes in the voice of the user, the magic of branding, and that great storytelling can conquer all. Previously, he worked for Accenture, Johnson & Johnson, and Procter & Gamble where he created consumer market knowledge teams and worked on the InnovAction project. As the Co-Founder of Conexionjoven.com and Barbet.co, he also has considerable experience building startups. Gustavo holds a B.A. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Los Andes, a Marketing Specialization from Wharton, a MTDB from IE Business School, and LEAD Certificates from Stanford.