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Felipe Collins
Sao Paulo, Brazil


PEOPLE: Management, GROWTH: Brand, GROWTH: Marketing


Felipe Collins is Partner, Head of Education, and former CMO (chief marketing officer) at ACE, early-stage VC firm (ACE Startups), and innovation consultancy (ACE Cortex). With an extensive background in business strategy, entrepreneurship, marketing, growth, and Agile, Felipe also is a professor in several prestigious MBA's and lifelong schools such as ESPM, Udacity, Tdera, Descola, Exame Academy, and many others. Collins works closely with entrepreneurs of all markets and stages since 2016, serving as an Accelerator and VC Partner at ACE, Corporate Venture advisor to clients such as Randon and BTG Pactual, and board member at Convenia, Espresso, GoCache, and Real Valor (exited to Empiricus). Felipe is passionate about helping entrepreneurs to grow, and teaching and learning through mentorships - and is truly seeking to help your startup to thrive :)