Daniel Haltia
Malmö, Sweden


DESIGN: Prototyping, GROWTH: Business Development, GROWTH: Partnerships


During the last six years, I have led IKEA's circular initiatives to contribute to the circular strategy and IKEA's movement to become circular and climate positive by 2030. My name is Daniel Haltia and I live in Malmö, Sweden. I hold an MSc in Design and Product development with a focus on making ideas come to life and the transformation required to do it. Specialised in human-centred business development, systemic thinking and circular business. During my carrier I have been at the intersection of innovation and organisational transformation, working with big corporates but always following the startups in Sweden. My business passion comes from years of scuba diving, finding the beauty under the sea but also seeing how it gets worse year by year. I am motivated to make changes to the business to become in harmony with the planetary boundaries and still create a better life for more people. Other interests are travelling by train, renting instead of buying, and teaching my dog to find my lost keys. Looking forward to our conversation