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Allan Panossian Kajimoto
São Paulo, Brazil


PEOPLE: Development, PEOPLE: Management, GROWTH: Sales


Allan Panossian Kajimoto is a Brazilian entrepreneur with a degree in Computer Science (USP) and two executive programs at Stanford Business School. He is co-founder and CEO at Kekanto and Delivery Direto. Since 2005 he has been a founding team member of several successful online startups in Brazil, including Via6 (3rd largest social media in Brazil in 2008, comparable to LinkedIn), Rec6 (Digg-like), and Scup (acquired by Sprinklr in 2015). Allan is a Google Accelerator Mentor in Product Strategy and an advisor on Estante Mágica, Docket, and Instaviagem. When a kid, Allan was a punk rocker against any type of possession. Believe or not.