ApiCallback<T> Callback object for batched operation result. 
BatchRequestService.ExecutorFactory Factory for obtaining ExecutorService instance. 
BatchRequestService.TimeProvider Interface for classes that can provide the current time. 
CheckpointCloseableIterable<T> A CloseableIterable that supports pagination while traversing a repository or incremental changes. 
CloseableIterable<T> Interface that is used to iterate through a set of repository documents. 
Connector<T extends ConnectorContext> Interface for user-specific implementation details of the connector. 
ConnectorContext Interface for a context object created by the SDK to pass to the Connector code. 
CredentialFactory Factory to create a GoogleCredential object for accessing the Cloud Search API. 
ExceptionHandler Interface for handling errors and defining a retry policy. 
IncrementalChangeHandler Interface for handling repository changes. 
StatsManager.OperationStats.Event Counter for single operation to wrap Stopwatch  


AbortCountExceptionHandler Exception handler that is configured with a count of allowable retries before forcing an abort. 
Application<H extends AbstractApplicationHelper, T extends ConnectorContext> Main object and access point for the SDK. 
Application.AbstractApplicationHelper<C extends AbstractBuilder<C, T extends ConnectorContext>, S extends AbstractBuilder<S, T>, T> Helper class to make our class more testable: factory and util methods  
Application.AbstractBuilder<B extends AbstractBuilder<B, H extends AbstractApplicationHelper, T extends ConnectorContext>, H, T>  
BaseApiService<T extends AbstractGoogleJsonClient>  
BaseApiService.AbstractBuilder<B extends AbstractBuilder<B, T extends AbstractGoogleJsonClient>, T>  
BaseApiService.RetryRequestInitializer Adds a backoff and retry response and exception handlers to the HttpRequest
BatchPolicy Policy for flushing batched requests. 
BatchRequestService Batch multiple requests. 
CheckpointCloseableIterableImpl<T> CheckpointCloseableIterable implementation which supports lazy initialization of getCheckpoint() value and hasMore()
CheckpointCloseableIterableImpl.Builder<T> Builder object for CheckpointCloseableIterableImpl  
CheckpointCloseableIterableImpl.CompareCheckpointCloseableIterableRule<T> A TestRule to compare two instances of CheckpointCloseableIterables. 
CloseableIterableOnce<T> A CloseableIterable that can be iterated over at most once. 
ConnectorContextImpl Context for Connector
ConnectorContextImpl.AbstractBuilder<B extends AbstractBuilder<B, T extends ConnectorContext>, T>  
ConnectorScheduler<T extends ConnectorContext> Handles scheduling and execution of connector traversal related tasks. 
ConnectorScheduler.AbstractBuilder<B extends AbstractBuilder<B, T extends ConnectorContext>, T>  
ConnectorScheduler.BackgroundRunnable Runnable that when invoked executes the delegate with getBackgroundExecutor() and then returns before completion. 
ConnectorScheduler.ConnectorSchedule Wrapper object to maintain connector traversal schedule. 
ExponentialBackoffExceptionHandler ExceptionHandler implementation that uses exponential backoff before retrying. 
GroupIdEncoder Helper utility to encode Group identifier in a consistent way between identity and indexing connectors. 
IgnoreExceptionHandler Exception handler that simply ignores all errors. 
LocalFileCredentialFactory Factory to create a GoogleCredential object for accessing the Cloud Search API. 
PaginationIterable<T, Q> Iterable which handles pagination for iterating over set of objects. 
PaginationIterable.Page<T, Q>  
QuotaServer<T extends Enum<T>> Utility object to enforce quota requirements. 
QuotaServer.Builder<T extends Enum<T>, K extends QuotaServer<T>>  
RetryPolicy Object to store policy parameters used for backoff and retry recoverable errors. 
RetryPolicy.DefaultBackOffFactoryImpl Default factory object used to create an ExponentialBackOff with an initial delay of 1 second(s) and a multiplier of 2. 
StatsManager Object used to manage operation execution statistics. 
StatsManager.OperationStats Object used to log events, operations, and actions  
StatsManager.ResetStatsRule TestRule to reset static StatsManager object for unit tests. 



InvalidConfigurationException Exception that is thrown for fatal configuration errors. 
RepositoryException An exception that is thrown specifically for fatal repository access errors. 
StartupException Exception that is thrown for unrecoverable startup errors, such as fatal configuration errors or running on the wrong platform. 

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