Uploader This class reads in a json file to upload all the requests to the cloudSearch indexing API
    -Dpayload={your json file contains all the request} \
    -Dapi.serviceAccountPrivateKeyFile={service account private key file} \
    -DrootUrl= \
    -jar cloudsearch-uploader-{version}.jar
payload is the json file which contains the source Id and all the requests related to it. 
UploadRequest This class defines the schema of request to upload to cloud search API. 
UploadRequest.AbstractNameRequest Abstract class of the request which has its name as the json key. 
UploadRequest.AbstractRequest Abstract class of the request sent to the indexing API. 
UploadRequest.DatasourcesListRequest Request to list data sources in the indexing API. 
UploadRequest.DeleteRequest Request to delete an Item from the indexing API. 
UploadRequest.DeleteSchemaRequest Request to delete the schema from the indexing API for the data source. 
UploadRequest.GetRequest Request to get an Item from the indexing API. 
UploadRequest.GetSchemaRequest Request to get the schema from the indexing API for the data source. 
UploadRequest.IndexItemAndContentRequest Request to index an Item and its content to the indexing API. 
UploadRequest.IndexItemRequest Request to index an Item to the indexing API. 
UploadRequest.ListRequest Request to list all items or search items by its attributes specified by filter criteria. 
UploadRequest.MediaContent MediaContent supports media content from either a url or a string. 
UploadRequest.PollItemsRequest Request to poll items from the indexing API. 
UploadRequest.PushItemRequest Request to push item to the indexing API. 
UploadRequest.UnreserveRequest Request to unreserve polled Item instances in a specific queue. 
UploadRequest.UpdateSchemaRequest Request to register schema for the data source in the indexing API. 

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