public class RepositoryContext extends Object

Context object to enable the Repository to make asynchronous calls to the Cloud Search SDK.

Normally the SDK initiates all data repository access based on its traversal scheduling methods. If the data repository supports automatic document modification detection, then this context object is used by the Repository to perform updates asynchronously to the scheduled traversal calls.

This context object is created by the template traversal connectors FullTraversalConnector and ListingConnector during initialization. The connector passes the context to the init(RepositoryContext) method. The context is then saved for use when the data repository reports a document change.

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public DefaultAcl.DefaultAclMode getDefaultAclMode ()

public void postAsyncOperation (AsyncApiOperation operation)

Posts an AsyncApiOperation from the Repository.

This is the call back method for data repository document modification detection. Sample usage is detailed in the AsyncApiOperation documentation.


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