Place List (navigation) template (deprecated)

The Place List template presents an ordered list of locations (or containers for sublists), overlaid on a map drawn by the app. The app should draw markers to link list items with map locations.


Wireframes of the Place List (navigation) template

Place List (navigation) template examples

Place List (navigation) template with location list
Place List (navigation) template, sublists

Location list (Android Auto example)

Locations and sublists, with action strip (AAOS example)

Place List (navigation) template UX requirements

App developers:

MUST Show duration or distance for each list item (except for container items).
MUST Associate an action with each list row (information-only rows are not allowed).
SHOULD Include at least one location or browsable (container).
SHOULD Include only information relevant to app capabilities (not "favorite friends").
SHOULD Limit locations to those that are closest or most relevant.
SHOULD Show a corresponding marker on the map for each location on the list.
SHOULD Use a font size of at least 24dp Roboto or equivalent for map markers.
SHOULD Consider supporting content refresh for the list when supporting map interactions.