C API Reference for Cardboard SDK

C API reference pages for the Cardboard SDK.


Cardboard SDK types Various types used in the Cardboard SDK.
Initialization (Android only) This module initializes the JavaVM and Android context.
Lens Distortion This module calculates the projection and eyes distortion matrices, based on the device (Cardboard viewer) and screen parameters.
Distortion Renderer This module renders the eyes textures into the display.
Head Tracker This module calculates the predicted head's pose for a given timestamp.
QR Code Scanner This module manages the entire process of capturing, decoding and getting the device parameters from a QR code.


CardboardEyeTextureDescription Struct to hold information about an eye texture.
CardboardMesh Struct representing a 3D mesh with 3D vertices and corresponding UV coordinates.
CardboardMetalDistortionRendererConfig Struct to set Metal distortion renderer configuration.
CardboardMetalDistortionRendererTargetConfig Struct to set Metal distortion renderer target configuration.
CardboardOpenGlEsDistortionRendererConfig Struct to set OpenGL ES distortion renderer configuration.
CardboardUv Struct to hold UV coordinates.
CardboardVulkanDistortionRendererConfig Struct to set Vulkan distortion renderer configuration.
CardboardVulkanDistortionRendererTarget Struct to set Vulkan distortion renderer target.