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utils.colour namespace


Function Description
blend(colour1, colour2, factor) Blend two colours together, using the specified factor to indicate the weight given to the first colour.
hexToRgb(colour) Converts a colour to RGB.
hsvToHex(h, s, v) Converts an HSV triplet to hex representation.
hueToHex(hue) Convert a hue (HSV model) into an RGB hex triplet.
parse(str) Parses a colour from a string. .parse('red') = '#ff0000' .parse('#f00') = '#ff0000' .parse('#ff0000') = '#ff0000' .parse('0xff0000') = '#ff0000' .parse('rgb(255, 0, 0)') = '#ff0000'
rgbToHex(r, g, b) Converts a colour from RGB to hex representation.


Variable Description
names A map that contains the 16 basic colour keywords as defined by W3C: The keys of this map are the lowercase "readable" names of the colours, while the values are the "hex" values.