This guide shows you how to integrate the Google Assistant into a Raspberry Pi 3 using the Google Assistant library.

Before you begin, you'll need the following components:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and power supply (see recommended kit)
  • USB microphone (see recommended)
  • Speaker (see recommended USB or 3.5mm-jack)
  • An SD card with NOOBS pre-installed. NOOBS is an OS installer that contains Raspbian by default and simplifies OS setup.

  • You may also want to have a USB keyboard, USB mouse, and a monitor with an HDMI cable. These simplify initial hardware setup (and are required to install NOOBS).

Now that you have your hardware, read on to learn how to get the Google Assistant running on it!

  1. Set up hardware and network access.
  2. Configure a developer project and account settings.
  3. Configure and test the audio.
  4. Download the library and run the sample.