Configure and Test the Audio

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Before running the sample, you must configure the audio system on Ubuntu Desktop. Note that the commands listed on this page should work on any Linux distribution that includes ALSA tools.

Verify that recording and playback work. You can do this in the system sound settings or from the command line:

  1. Play a test sound (this will be a person speaking). Press Ctrl+C when done. If you don't hear anything when you run this, check your speaker connection.

    speaker-test -t wav

  2. Record a short audio clip.

    arecord --format=S16_LE --duration=5 --rate=16000 --file-type=raw out.raw

  3. Check the recording by replaying it.

    aplay --format=S16_LE --rate=16000 out.raw

  4. Adjust the playback and recording volume.


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