Actions SDK

The Actions SDK is a set of developer tools for building Actions for the Google Assistant.

The SDK provides webhook libraries, a standard file-based schema to define your Actions project, and a CLI to manage your Actions project, so you can integrate building Actions for the Google Assistant into your existing workflow.

Key Features

Actions project file-based configuration

The Actions SDK uses the new Action Builder conversational model and provides file-based representations of all the components of your conversational model: intents, types, scenes, prompts.

With the Actions project file-based configuration, it's easy to keep track of versions of your Actions using the file-based version control system of your choice, for example git.

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Client libraries

Actions SDK comes with a Node.js Client library that provides idiomatic interfaces for the Conversation Webhook Protocol. The Google Assistant uses the Webhook protocol to communicate the user's requests to an Action and receive the response that fulfills those requests.

With the Node.js Client library, it's easy to implement many common user flows, for example extracting parameters from a voice query (e.g. categories or other type of user preferences) and generating a multimodal representation (voice only and voice and visuals) for the Google Assistant.

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gactions command-Line interface

The gactions CLI manages project lifecycle through a set of configuration files that define your Actions project, and provides functionalities to easily support more advanced features of Actions for the Google Assistant like localization and account linking.

With the gactions CLI, it’s easy to perform many common workflows, for example importing an existing project and start working on a feature branch to add localization.

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