Apps Script Sunset Schedule

Once a sunset date for an Apps Script feature has been announced, the feature is considered deprecated, but should still be available for use until the sunset date. During the deprecation period, we encourage you to upgrade existing scripts to use supported features.

Feature Deprecated Sunset Behavior after sunset date
Hyperlink Mar 13, 2013 Sep 16, 2013 Widget no longer functions.
Inline Hyperlink
GUI Builder Oct 2, 2013 No access to GUI Builder, although existing components should still function.
DeckPanel Apr 15, 2013 Apr 10, 2014 Widget no longer functions.
Old XML service Jul 9, 2013 Service no longer appears in autocomplete, although existing scripts should still function.
SOAP service
E4X support Feature is no longer supported, although existing scripts should still function.
Finance service Feb 25, 2014 Sep 26, 2014 Service will cease to function entirely.
ScriptDB service May 15, 2014 Nov 20, 2014
Domain service

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