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Deprecated. The UI service was deprecated on December 11, 2014. To create user interfaces, use the HTML service instead.

A generic component object.

Implementing classes

NameBrief description
AbsolutePanelAn absolute panel positions all of its children absolutely, allowing them to overlap.
AnchorA widget that represents a simple <a> element.
ButtonA standard push-button widget.
CaptionPanelA panel that wraps its contents in a border with a caption that appears in the upper left corner of the border.
ChartA Chart object, which can be embedded into documents, UI elements, or used as a static image.
CheckBoxA standard check box widget.
ClientHandlerAn event handler that runs in the user's browser without needing a call back to the server.
ControlA user interface control object, that drives the data displayed by a DashboardPanel.
DashboardPanelA dashboard is a visual structure that enables the organization and management of multiple charts that share the same underlying data.
DateBoxA text box that shows a DatePicker when the user focuses on it.
DatePickerA date picker widget.
DecoratedStackPanelA StackPanel that wraps each item in a 2x3 grid (six box), which allows users to add rounded corners.
DecoratedTabBarA TabBar that wraps each tab in a 2x3 grid (six box), which allows users to add rounded corners.
DecoratedTabPanelA TabPanel that uses a DecoratedTabBar with rounded corners.
DecoratorPanelA SimplePanel that wraps its contents in stylized boxes, which can be used to add rounded corners to a Widget.
DialogBoxA form of popup that has a caption area at the top and can be dragged by the user.
DocsListDialogA "file-open" dialog for Google Drive.
EmbeddedChartRepresents a chart that has been embedded into a spreadsheet.
FileUploadA widget that wraps the HTML <input type='file'> element.
FlexTableA flexible table that creates cells on demand.
FlowPanelA panel that formats its child widgets using the default HTML layout behavior.
FocusPanelA simple panel that makes its contents focusable, and adds the ability to catch mouse and keyboard events.
FormPanelA panel that wraps its contents in an HTML <FORM> element.
GridA rectangular grid that can contain text, html, or a child widget within its cells.
HTMLA widget that contains arbitrary text, which is interpreted as HTML.
HandlerBase interface for client and server handlers.
HiddenRepresents a hidden field for storing data in the user's browser that can be passed back to a handler as a "callback element".
HorizontalPanelA panel that lays all of its widgets out in a single horizontal column.
ImageA widget that displays the image at a given URL.
InlineLabelA widget that contains arbitrary text, not interpreted as HTML.
LabelA widget that contains arbitrary text, not interpreted as HTML.
ListBoxA widget that presents a list of choices to the user, either as a list box or as a drop-down list.
MenuBarA standard menu bar widget.
MenuItemAn entry in a MenuBar.
MenuItemSeparatorA separator that can be placed in a MenuBar.
PasswordTextBoxA text box that visually masks its input to prevent eavesdropping.
PopupPanelA panel that can "pop up" over other widgets.
PushButtonA normal push button with custom styling.
RadioButtonA mutually-exclusive selection radio button widget.
ResetButtonA standard push-button widget which will automatically reset its enclosing FormPanel if any.
ScrollPanelA panel that wraps its contents in a scrollable element.
ServerHandlerAn event handler that runs on the server.
SimpleCheckBoxA simple checkbox widget, with no label.
SimplePanelA panel that can contain only one widget.
SimpleRadioButtonA simple radio button widget, with no label.
SplitLayoutPanelA panel that adds user-positioned splitters between each of its child widgets.
StackPanelA panel that stacks its children vertically, displaying only one at a time, with a header for each child which the user can click to display.
SubmitButtonA standard push-button widget which will automatically submit its enclosing FormPanel if any.
SuggestBoxA SuggestBox is a text box or text area which displays a pre-configured set of selections that match the user's input.
TabBarA horizontal bar of folder-style tabs, most commonly used as part of a TabPanel.
TabPanelA panel that represents a tabbed set of pages, each of which contains another widget.
TextAreaA text box that allows multiple lines of text to be entered.
TextBoxA standard single-line text box.
ToggleButtonA ToggleButton is a stylish stateful button which allows the user to toggle between up and down states.
TreeA standard hierarchical tree widget.
TreeItemAn item that can be contained within a Tree.
VerticalPanelA panel that lays all of its widgets out in a single vertical column.
WidgetBase interface for UiApp widgets.

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