Class CaptionPanel


Deprecated. The UI service was deprecated on December 11, 2014. To create user interfaces, use the HTML service instead.

A panel that wraps its contents in a border with a caption that appears in the upper left corner of the border. This is an implementation of the fieldset HTML element.

Note that this panel can contain at most one direct child widget. To add more children, make the child of this panel a different panel that can contain more than one child.

Note also that the placement of the caption in a caption panel will vary slightly from browser to browser, so this widget is not a good choice when precise cross-browser layout is needed.

Here is an example of how to use this widget:

function doGet() {
  var app = UiApp.createApplication();
  var panel = app.createCaptionPanel("my caption!");
  panel.add(app.createButton("a button inside..."));
  return app;

Internally, UiApp widgets are built on top of the Google Web Toolkit, and it can sometimes be helpful to look at the GWT documentation directly. You can find the CaptionPanel documentation here.

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