Building a Sites Application: Introduction

Saurabh Gupta, Google Developer Relations
March 3, 2011


This tutorial guides you through the steps of creating a time booking application using Google Sites and Google Apps Script. You implement this application by embedding a script in a Google Sites page. You will develop a script using UI Services, Spreadsheet Services and Mail Services.

This is a two-part tutorial. This introductory page gives you a high-level overview of what you'll learn. The first part shows you how to set up a Google Spreadsheet and Google Site for the time booking application. The second part drills down into the code, walking you through the data model and classes used in the application.

Time to Complete

2 hours

Using This Tutorial

Before you start this tutorial, you should have a good understanding of the Spreadsheet Services and Mail Services modules in Google Apps Script. The code samples in this tutorial also assume that you have a basic understanding of how web applications work. The code is not explained line-by-line, but in larger blocks.

Concepts You Will Learn

This table outlines what you'll learn in this tutorial.

What you'll do
What you'll learn
Apps Script Services Used
What you'll learn
1. Setting up a Sites Page, a Spreadsheet and TimeBooking application Apps Script. How to configure a Sites page and embed a Google Apps Script. You'll learn to set up the spreadsheet with the correct columns for the time booking data, and you'll develop code to read and write time sheet data from the spreadsheet.
  • Google Sites Pages
  • Spreadsheet Services
2. Understand UiApp in the Sites Page How to develop UiApp using UI Services widgets for the time booking application. You'll develop a script containing the user interface and learn to embed a script in a Sites page.
  • UI Services
  • Spreadsheet Services

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