A unique code that enumerates privacy message types.

PRIVACY_MESSAGE_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED Unspecified privacy message code.
TOUCHPOINT_ANALYSIS_EXCLUSIONS Touchpoints and/or users excluded from touchpoint analysis.
MERGE_ROW_NO_DATA_FILTERED No data was filtered for this job.
MERGE_ROW_DATA_ON_FEW_USERS_FILTERED Data filtered, but contained information on too few users.
MERGE_ROW_ONE_ROW_WITH_MANY_USERS_FILTERED 1 row was filtered, containing information about many users.
MERGE_ROW_NO_MERGE_SPEC Data was filtered, but merge row was not shown because the merge row specification was not configured for the job.
MERGE_ROW_ADDED Merge row was added to the job output.
MERGE_ROW_TEMPORARILY_UNAVAILABLE Merge row privacy message was suppressed due to privacy considerations or the merge row information was not available.
LARGE_CREDIT_OUTLIER_USERS_FILTERED Outlier users filtered from touchpoint touchpoint analysis.
PRIVACY_MESSAGE_TEMPORARILY_UNAVAILABLE Message was suppressed due to privacy considerations or the relevant information was not available.
DATA_ACCESS_BUDGET_IS_NEARLY_EXHAUSTED The data access budget is almost exhausted.