Ads Data Hub Program Policies

When you agree to the terms of the Google Ads Data Hub Program Agreement, you are required to adhere to the following policies (in addition to applicable partner and product-specific policies that Google makes available to you). If you fail to comply with these policies, we may suspend and/or terminate your access to and use of the Ads Data Hub Program.


The Ads Data Hub Program facilitates your analysis of (a) data that you have uploaded to a Google Cloud Platform BigQuery project; and (b) Google’s proprietary data. The results of such analysis shall be reported to you in aggregate only.

You must not:

  • Attempt to disaggregate such data;
  • Attempt to use Google’s proprietary data to identify end users;
  • Attempt to use Google’s proprietary data to build, edit or augment user profiles; or
  • Use identifiers in match tables uploaded to your Google Cloud Platform BigQuery project that Google could use or recognize as personally-identifiable information in any match tables uploaded to Ads Data Hub.

Acceptable use

  • You must not access or use the Ads Data Hub Program other than through Google’s Ads Data Hub API or the Ads Data Hub web interface.
  • Google reserves the right to throttle an Ads Data Hub account's queries, per Advertiser, if more than 10 concurrent queries are submitted.
  • Google reserves the right to throttle an Ads Data Hub account's queries, per Advertiser, if more than 10 queries per minute are submitted.
  • If your query harms the stability of the Ads Data Hub, we reserve the right to pause your query.

Additional Restrictions Regarding Sensitive Information in Ads Data Hub

You cannot use Ads Data Hub to create user lists for targeting or to produce campaign measurement reports that use and/or report on data related to sensitive interest information or categories as listed in the Google Personalized Advertising policy. This includes information from non-personalized ad campaigns that could be deemed sensitive. Examples of prohibited Ads Data Hub use related to sensitive categories are:

  • Sensitive interest categories listed in the Personalized Advertising policy can’t be used by ADH users to create audience lists, target ads to users, or promote advertisers’ products or services.
  • You cannot combine data from reports generated by you or on your behalf via the Ads Data Hub program with any data associated with sensitive interest categories for commercial use.