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As a prerequisite to using the API, the documentation assumes you have completed these setup steps.

Set up the basics

You need the following basic configuration before you can use the Data Transfer API:

  • Have a Google account and create an administrator. The API applies to Google Workspace, Education, Government, Reseller, and ISP accounts.

  • Be familiar with your Google Workspace Admin console found at For more information about the Admin console, see Use your Admin console.

  • Enable API access from the Google Workspace Admin console in order to make requests to the Data Transfer API.

Set up a Google Developers Console project

Use the Developers Console to manage and view your application's use of the API's traffic data, your team's membership, and authentication. For more information about the Developers Console, see the Developers Console help.

Set up a new project in the Google Developers Console, and activate Data Transfer API service for this project.