DAI stitches your video content and ads into a single stream, independent of a web page or app, and removes the ad request and ad response process from the SDK. This reduces the likelihood of client-side errors and produces a seamless TV-like experience without latency or buffering between content and ads.

With DAI, you can target individual ads for live linear and video on demand programming, obtain multi-screen reach with broad device support, and take advantage of programmatic monetization across all devices with Ad Exchange for video. Regardless of the original format of your content, once it becomes digital, DAI can stitch custom targeted video ads into the stream, based on the individual user viewing the content.

With full-service DAI, ad pods are selected and stitched directly into your content stream by Google Ad Manager.
With DAI pod serving, ad pods are provided by Google Ad Manager, but stitching is performed by a separate manifest manipulator.
If you have questions or issues implementing Dynamic Ad Insertion, talk to your account manager, or post to our community support forum.