Sending Conversion Tracking Information via Feeds (legacy)

This guide explains how partners can provide the Actions Center information regarding transactions which are completed via place action links.

Conversion data for tracking

In order to provide Google information about assisted conversions, partners must upload a Conversion feed on a daily cadence. This feed can be uploaded alongside Merchant and/or Service feeds uploads. You are required to upload conversion data for all action links which are currently being provided via the Merchant and/or Services feeds. Each feed upload must contain data for the last 30 days.

If a conversion value for a particular action_link changes after the initial upload, you can upload the new value as part of the next feed upload.

The latest data uploaded via feeds will be considered the source of truth and will be merged with the previously submitted data.

For instances when there is no conversion data for an action_link, we recommend that you include information about the link with the conversion data values set as 0 for that date.

Conversion data for action link(s) can be collected in multiple ways and is based on your preference, the recommended method is by appending UTM parameters to your URL which indicates this link originated from the action_link provided in your feeds.

The Conversion feed will be uploaded to the Generic feed dropbox. Follow the How to use the Generic feed dropbox tutorial for instructions and use the name set to the exact string reservewithgoogle.conversion_data in your descriptor file.

For conversion data tracking, we require you to upload the following information for the last 30 days per merchant via the feeds:

  • num_transactions - Total number of assisted transactions via action_links for the specified day. Examples of transactions include the user performing the following actions:

    • place an order
    • make a reservation
    • book an appointment

    Only provide this data if there are more than 50 transactions for that day. Do not provide an entry for the given day if there are fewer than 50 transactions.

  • num_visits - Number of visits to the merchant’s landing page from action_link(s). These visits may or may not have an associated transaction.

Please see our feed samples for conversion tracking for an example of how this feed should be structured.