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HTTP 203

A is for Effort

Alarms, upcoming CSS stuff, impostor syndrome, and the death of Flash.

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Slippers and chips

Custom elements, matrices, TypeScript, and omg Paul is leaving

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Quizzing, animating, and canceling

Jake is worse at quizzes than Paul.

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Legs, Wasps, and Eventually Some Web Stuff.

Paul's been booting frameworks, and unfortunately Jake connected his brain to Twitter

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Springy CSS, Storage, and Bisecting.

Paul has been playing with springy animations in the Safari Tech Preview, and Jake loves pubs that are also... windmills?

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Promises, Mistakes, and Door Handles

"Jake's discovered display: contents, while Paul is concerned about people microbenchmarking ES2015 features."

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Poetry and Delegated Event Listeners

Jake brings his A+ poetry game, and Paul muses over the performance implications of event delegation.

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CORS, Forced Layouts, and Raptor Kebab Shops.

Why does nobody seem to include CORS headers on their files? And can Paul answer Jake's dreaded CORS pre-flight quiz?

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Making Burgers and Maintainable Code

How can writing code be like making a burger? Turns out, by the power of weird segues, it can!

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