Station and stop names

Part of the process to enable Google Wallet for Transit is to submit a spreadsheet of comma separated values (CSV) that supplies station and stop names for your feed. This spreadsheet must be formatted in a particular way to ensure that we can process it correctly. The columns in your spreadsheet must appear as follows, in order:

Google Wallet uses the information in the spreadsheet you submit to us to display the correct long-form name for your stations and stops. Each value is described in further detail on this page, along with an example.

Once you've filled out the spreadsheet, submit it by clicking the button to the Google Wallet - Open Loop Transit form.

Google Wallet - Open Loop Transit form


The following is an example row of a spreadsheet that's been completed correctly:
Operator Location name/details Full display name for Google Wallet Language Place ID Stop / Route ID
TfL TfL_Abbey Road Abbey Road Tram Station EN ChIJFapKOPSn2EcRHP3RbxxWlTI 123456789

The following is an example of the corresponding CSV:

Operator,Location name/details,Full display name for Google Wallet,Language,Place ID,Stop / Route ID
TfL,TfL_Abbey Road,Abbey Road Tram Station,EN,ChIJFapKOPSn2EcRHP3RbxxWlTI,123456789

You can also download a blank template .csv file that has the columns in the correct order:

Download CSV template for Station and stop Names

Spreadsheet columns

Operator name

This is the name of the transit agency operating this station or route.


9F4E Location name and details

This value must be populated with data from the 9F4E tag. It's a good idea to enter this as a human-readable value. Whatever value you use, it must uniquely identify a location. The value can include IDs for stations, stops, and routes. The value should be prefixed by the PTO acronym (at least three characters), followed by an underscore such as TfL_.

TfL_Abbey Road

Full display name

This is the value that Google Wallet displays. It has to match the value from your GTFS feed. For fixed terminals, the value is the stop name, and for mobile terminals it's the route name.

Abbey Road Tram Station


This is the language of the full display name. Populate several lines for different languages, each with a corresponding and unique 9F4E location name lookup value. The language code must correspond to a two-letter code from ISO 639-1.


Place ID

This is the Place ID of the indicated location in Google Maps. You can use the Maps Place ID Finder to get this value. This value is required for fixed terminals only.


Stop ID/Route ID

This is the GTFS ID of the indicated stop/station or route. For fixed terminals such as train stations or bus stops, use stop_id. For mobile terminals such as on trams and buses, use route_id only.