Requesting publishing access

When your Issuer account is first created, it is in Demo Mode. In Demo Mode, you are limited to issuing passes only to Google Wallet users whose accounts either have the Admin or Developer role for your Issuer account, or who have been added by your as test accounts in the Google Wallet console.

Once you are granted publishing access, the "[TEST ONLY]" annotation will also be removed from your passes.

To issue passes to any Google Wallet user, you must request publishing access. Requests for publishing access are reviewed by the Google Wallet team to ensure certain prerequisites have been met by the Pass Issuer.


Before requesting publishing access, you must complete the following steps:

  • Complete your Business Profile

    Your Business Profile provides the Google Wallet team with basic information about your business, and helps verify your Issuer account belongs to a real business, organization, or individual. To complete your Business profile you must provide your business information, and set up a payments profile or select an existing payments profile to identify your business. To complete you Business Profile, go to the Google Pay & Wallet console, and click 'Business Profile' in the left nav.

  • Create at least one Passes Class

    Almost all pass types require a Passes Class to issue passes to Google Wallet users. Before you can be approved for publishing access, you are required to have created at least one Passes Class. For more information on Passes Classes, see Passes Classes and Objects overview

  • Keep pass screenshots ready

    Before requesting publishing access, keep the screenshots of your pass, pass details page and page containing add to Google Wallet button on your app/ website ready.

App view containing Add to Google Wallet button Google Wallet pass view Google Wallet pass details view
Add to Google Wallet Button Pass View Pass Details View

Requesting publishing access

Once you have completed the prerequisites for requesting publishing access, do the following:

  1. Go to the Google Pay & Wallet console.
  2. Click 'Google Wallet API' to go to the Google Wallet console. If you have successfully completed the required prerequisites, you will see a 'Request publishing access' button in the box labeled 'Get publishing access'.
  3. Click the 'Request publishing access' button.

The Google Wallet team will review your Issuer account and notify you once your request for publishing access is approved.