Daydream Controller

The Daydream controller combines a simple, intuitive user interface with 3DoF functionality for expressive design. All Daydream apps require the Daydream controller so as a developer you can design experiences for a standardized input model.

Some common ways the Daydream controller can be used are:

  • Ray-pointer: Interacting with 2D UI in worldspace. For example, choosing files from a 2D file-selector in a media app or selecting icons from a 2D in-app inventory screen.
  • Gesture-based input: Using the controller as a proxy for a physical motion, such as throwing a frisbee or swinging a baseball bat.
  • Movement: Using the controller to allow the user to move around the environment, for example, through the use of teleportation.


The Daydream Controller includes the following features:

Controller feature Description
3DoF tracking See the degrees of freedom page.
  • Can detect touching, swiping and clicking.
  • Fully customizable for your app.
  • Example uses include scrolling through a menu or moving through the environment.
App button
  • Fully customizable for your app.
  • Example uses include opening an in-app menu or performing a special action.
Daydream button
  • Press to open the Daydream Dashboard.
  • Press and hold to recenter your view and controller.
  • Cannot be customized.
Volume buttons
  • Can be used to adjust your app volume.
  • Cannot be customized.
Status light Displays controller status.
Wrist-strap holes Can be used to attach the provided wrist-strap.