This page provides solutions to some common problems with vehicle listings.

Inventory doesn't show on Google

Perform the following steps to troubleshoot why the inventory might not show for a dealership.

  1. Find the dealership’s status on the partner portal.
  2. If the dealership status is not Live, the vehicle inventory doesn't show on Google. For more details on why the dealership isn't live, view the Status reason column.
  3. If the dealership status is Live, click the link in the Place ID column to open the matched Business Profile on Google.
  4. If the inventory is now displayed, verify that the inventory appears on the intended Business Profile on Google. For more details, see Dealership matching.
  5. If the inventory is still not displayed, check again in a few hours. There might be a delay between the status shown on the portal and the content on the Business Profile. If the problem persists, contact support for help.