Exercise 1: Writing is Rewriting

A hurried writer wrote the following first draft for a document entitled An Introduction to Hard Links in Linux:

You need to know about Linux commands prior to reading this document. This document explains a lot of introductory material about hard links, not soft (symbolic) links. Suppose you run a Linux command that creates a file. When you create this file, Linux creates the contents of that file and a filename. A filename is a hard link to the contents. A hard link is a pointer from the filename to the contents. Now, here's the interesting part: you can create multiple hard links to the same existing content. For example, the command echo "Hello There." > foo creates a file named foo containing the textual contents "Hello There." The command ln foo bar is a way of creating a hard link named bar that points to the contents of foo. Changing foo and bar are now synonymous. You can create lots and lots of hard links to the same content. Any change made to foo will also appear in bar.

Part 1

Do not revise the sentences; just organize the original sentences into four sections of your choosing. In other words, create four suitable headers and then move the sentences under the appropriate header.

Part 2

Revise each section for clarity. You may rearrange, rewrite, delete...anything you want. Just aim to make each section as clear as possible.