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Tag setup for AMP

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project is an open-source web platform that helps to improve the performance of your web content. AMP includes built-in support for Google tags.


The global site tag installation allows you to install Google Analytics, Google Ads, and related products on AMP pages. The Tag Manager installation sets up an AMP container and gives you the ability to create advanced configurations and deploy third-party tags from the Tag Manager interface. This guide describes how to set up Google Analytics for AMP pages.

Select your platform preference from the following buttons:


Use to validate your tagging setup or you can manually ensure that the cid value is consistent across domains by doing the following:

  • Make sure to clear cookies or use Incognito mode.
  • If cid is not found in a Google Analytics cookie, it can also be observed in your web browser's Network tab. Search for collect request, and the payload should contain a cid value.
  • Once you have passed from the Google CDN to the client website, the cid and the gclid value should be passed via URL decoration:

    **_Linker format:\_gl=1\*1ie2jr6\*\_ga\*WHFTa3JPckw2TGxZSzY5b3V1cVNVSmRIREI.\*gclid\*dGVzdA.._**
  • The final landing page should still have the same cid value as in the initial landing page.

  • Be careful with redirects and domain changes between the canonical page and non-AMP landing pages.