"Street View ready" branding guidelines

Branding guidelines

The “Street View ready” badges and terms described below (the “SV Assets”) are designed to indicate that a particular product has been certified by the manufacturer/developer to be compatible with Street View’s publishing requirements.

You may use the appropriate SV Asset badges, and the SV Asset terms in plain text, on your camera, application interface, product packaging, and promotional and advertising materials if, and only if, you have been approved to do so by Google in writing under this “Street View ready” certification program. You may only use those SV Assets that Google has expressly certified for your use.

Depending on the type of certification you're granted, you may be permitted to use one of the following SV Assets:

  • Street View mobile ready
  • Street View auto ready
  • Street View vr ready
  • Street View workflow ready

General brand use guidelines

  • Unauthorized use of Google trademarks is expressly prohibited. If you use any of the SV Assets, you must adhere to these guidelines as well as the Guidelines for Third Party Use of Google Brand Features (collectively, the “Brand Guidelines”).
  • Google may update the Brand Guidelines from time to time without notice, so it’s important to check this page before creating any new materials or other assets that may use the SV Assets.
  • Your use of the SV Assets is contingent on your compliance with any future Google request that you cease using them.
  • Do not name your product(s), domain name(s), website(s), social media handle(s), company, or other assets “Street View”, or anything similar that may make your product appear to be an official Google product.
  • If you develop future products that you’d like certified under this program, they must be re-evaluated before you’re granted permission to use a corresponding certification badge. At that time, any use of the SV Assets will be subject to the latest brand use guidelines, which may differ from those published today.
  • If you are uncomfortable with any of these brand use guidelines, please discontinue your use of the SV Assets, and contact us with your concerns.