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Sign up users faster

Identity Toolkit
Google Identity Toolkit is a free toolkit for website operators who want to use federated login on their sites. It currently supports Google mail, Hotmail, Yahoo! mail, AOL mail, and Google Apps mail.
Google supports the OpenID 2.0 protocol, providing authentication support as an OpenID provider.

Connect users to their data

Google Apps APIs
Google's users are accustomed to keeping their contacts, documents and events in one central place the web. Using the Google Contacts, Docs, and Calendar REST-based APIs, you can help save your user's time and make it easy for them to find their data.

Increase user engagement

Geo APIs
The Google Geo APIs family includes Google Maps, Places, Fusion Tables, Google Earth, and much more to help you visualize, store, and analyze geospatial data within your app. Embed the robust functionality and everyday usefulness of Google Maps into your own website and applications, query a comprehensive database of places around the world, visualize large geographic data sets easily, and give your users spatial context anytime and anywhere.
YouTube APIs
YouTube APIs enable you to quickly incorporate video uploads, sharing, playback, analytics, and more, in any application on any device. Use the largest video platform on the planet to power your app. Leverage the YouTube community to help you build momentum behind your product.
Google+ APIs
Access the wealth of information that users' have shared publicly on Google+. By integrating with the Google+ API, you can learn more about users and search for people and posts.
Google+ Hangouts API
Add your own experiences to Hangouts and instantly build real-time applications. The Google+ Hangouts API is available in a Developer Preview for you to build and test apps that run inside of a Hangout.

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