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Program Benefits

There are a large number of great ideas around the world poised to make a positive impact. Launchpad Accelerator aims to empower founders with these ideas by supporting their startups through mentorship and equity-free support.

The Accelerator will leverage all that Google has to offer, to help participating tech startups reach their true potential. Launchpad Accelerator currently works with startups in Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico) and Asia (India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines). We’re looking to enter new countries and regions in future classes of Launchpad Accelerator.

You get...

  • Equity-free support
  • 2 weeks of all-expense-paid training at Google Headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley
  • Access to Google engineers, resources, and mentors
  • To work closely with Google for 6 months
  • Credits for Google products
  • Marketing spotlight opportunities
  • And more!


What is Launchpad Accelerator?
Launchpad Accelerator is a six-month acceleration program that includes mentorship and access to Google Product Managers, a startup package of equity- free support, product credits (e.g., Google Cloud), and access to our full suite of Launchpad initiatives and connections. This includes an all-expense-paid trip to Google HQ in Mountain View to collaborate with Google engineers/product managers and regional VCs.

For startups

I have a startup. Why should I apply?
Launchpad Accelerator offers you an unparalleled opportunity to scale your technical startup. The program lasts six months and is done on a scale that leverages all that Google has to offer; including expertise of Google engineers, product managers, and trusted experts in Google’s extended network. Through Launchpad Accelerator, you can utilize this mentorship and privileged product access to scale your business and better capitalize on local markets, while also tapping into new global opportunities.

Who is eligible for Launchpad Accelerator?
Launchpad Accelerator is specifically targeting companies that already have a product and are primed to scale. Currently only technical startups from Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico) and Asia (India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines) are eligible for selection. We’re looking to enter new countries and regions in future classes of Launchpad Accelerator.

How do I apply?
Apply by filling out the application.

What are my chances to be accepted?
We know an entrepreneur must always believe in what he or she is doing. Hence, we think that if you believe in your idea and your ability to deliver - you should apply! Keep in mind, we are looking for technical startups with the most growth potential, primed to scale in their respective countries and around the world. Several startups will be selected from each of the target regions: Latin America and Asia. The program is selective so that we can maximize our offerings and provide the accepted companies the most value possible. We encourage all qualifying startups to apply and we wish you the best of luck!

Are startups accepted on a rolling basis or only at certain times?
You can apply to Launchpad Accelerator anytime, but we only accept startups in classes. Please refer to the application to know for which class we are currently accepting applications.

If I am not from one of the current operating countries, can I still apply?
We recommend waiting to submit an application until we announce opening operations in your specific country.

What kind of startups can be accepeted on Launchpad Accelerator?
All tech startups are welcome to apply!

Does my startup need to have an Android based app?
No, this is not necessary. All tech startups are welcome to apply!

What does the selection process look like?
To begin, you must fill out the application. Next, we will evaluate your application and some startups will be asked to take part in an one-hour video conference with a Google team member. In some cases, a face to face interview will be conducted as well.

How much time will I have to wait before you let me know if my startup was accepted, and will you let everyone know about results even if rejected?
Due to the volume of applications we receive, unfortunately we can't get back to everyone. However, if we are interested in selecting your startup for the program, you will hear back from us before the next class begins.

If my startup is selected, what will happen next?
If accepted, your journey will begin with our team performing an intensive evaluation of your startup, followed by a two-week, high-powered visit to Google headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley! You will get dozens of hours of 1:1 training from top Google experts. After that, mentorship will be ongoing and there will be a series of regional events to participate in, leading up to a graduation.

How much does it cost my startup to take part in the program?
The program is totally provided without charge for accepted startups. We will carry all expenses for all program activities, including sending up to three of your startup's team members to Silicon Valley.

Will Google ask for equity, debt, or other financial consideration for this opportunity?
We offer this program without a requirement for financial consideration in return. Google or its affiliates participate in other efforts that involve investment in return for financial consideration (such as Google Ventures), but they are unrelated to Launchpad Accelerator.

What should I do if I still have more questions?
Please review the other questions in this FAQ. Otherwise, if you are accepted for an interview there will be plenty of time to ask more specific questions at that stage of the application process.

For those that want to know more about the program:

How did you select the countries you are currently operating in?
These are countries in which our startup activities are well established and we have the best opportunity to impact the local startup community at scale.

How does Launchpad Accelerator relate to Google Developers Launchpad?
The Accelerator is part of Google Developers Launchpad, Google Developers' central tech startup program. Launchpad is focused on helping startups at any stage to design, develop and distribute their innovation. To complement that effort, Launchpad Accelerator is aimed at supporting mature startups with great ideas to scale.

Why is Launchpad Accelerator better than competitive offerings?
Launchpad Accelerator is not competing with but rather complementing existing accelerators and incubators. Many Launchpad Accelerator alumni startups have already gone through a previous accelerator program to help their company get going. Launchpad Accelerator is a perfect opportunity to help these startups then scale their businesses to the next level.

How is Launchpad different from what Google for Entrepreneurs is offering?
Launchpad Accelerator is Google’s premier program for startups developing technical products on Google platforms. The heart of the program is technical training and strategic mentorship, helping developers succeed. Google for Entrepreneurs is focused on empowering entrepreneurship in a broader sense by enabling communities to leverage physical locations (Campuses). Launchpad caters specifically to developers and their businesses and aligns with Google for Entrepreneurs in every Campus around the world.

Who are the key players in this program?
The program’s key players are startups, top-of-the-line experts from Google as well as top global mentors and partners. These experts and mentors are located primarily in Silicon Valley, Latin America and Asia, but are pulled from other areas around the world as well.