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Startup Launch provides startups in all stages with the platform, resources, online content, mentorship and training they need to succeed. From first idea to successful implementation and growth, our mission is to help startups worldwide become successful on the Google Developers platform and open-source technologies.

Program Benefits

  • Start

    Got a great idea? Starting to form a team? Experimenting and doing customer research and validation?

    Online resources

  • Build

    Building your great product? Releasing a new and exciting version? Building your first user base?

    • "Start" stage benefits, in addition to:
    • Free resources and credits
    • Mentorship from Startup Launch’s mentor network
    • Selected startups will be featured in Startup Launch’s Spotlight section

    Online resources

    • Check out our dedicated section for developing your app
  • Grow

    Got a great product? Growing your user base? showing traction?

    • "Build" stage benefits, in addition to:
    • UX reviews by Google’s Developer Relations team and Startup Launch’s mentor for selected startups
    • Early access to upcoming product releases, such as APIs and SDKs
    • Access to Developer Relations and Startup Launch’s mentor network

    Online resources

Our community and YouTube channel:
Learn how to design, develop, distribute and monetize your innovation with Startup Launch’s online resources. Participate in our online courses and events, and hear directly from entrepreneurs who have already enjoyed the benefits of collaborating with Google.


Stay up to date with our Android and mobile web design guidelines. Design a beautiful web app out-of-the-box with UI elements from Polymer. Learn about user research and analysis.


Android, web, or wearables, build for the platform your users are on. Rich APIs from Google Wallet, Google Maps, and YouTube can help speed up the development process.


Get your app on the Google Play store in minutes without lengthy reviews. Build a business, not just an app. Make money with in-app payments, ads, and wallet integration. Get featured in our events, be a part of our community, build your network and distribution channels.


Build a business around your big idea. Monetize your innovation. Learn how to do it using Google's APIs and tools.


Startup Launch spotlights leading technology startups to bring you first-hand lessons on design, technical challenges, distribution tactics.


Google Launchpad is a one-week program for early stage startups focused on subjects including user interface, product strategy & technology, marketing, business development and presentation skills.


Get started with content every early stage entrepreneur needs to know, from raising funds to building your first team, from user research to choosing your rapid prototyping platform.

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Startup Launch helps startups design, develop and distribute their apps over the Google Developers Platform.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Q: What do I get now that I’m a member?

    A: Startup Launch has tiered membership levels. At the “Start” tier, we help entrepreneurs build their products with Cloud Credits, and create online content to help them improve their products. Startups at later stages (see next question) are invited for further mentoring and UX reviews. You can read more about the offers in the Program Benefits section here.

  2. Q: How do you select members and tiers?

    A: Startup Launch selects technology-focused startups based on their ability to articulate their product idea. Successful applications can be at any stage, but must answer the question: what problem does your product solve? We then diversify across industry and geography. From this list, Startups are selected into the the “Build” and “Grow” tiers based on participation in our events and communities, nominations from other Googlers, and demonstrated traction (such as number of downloads or users).

  3. Q: Can I apply my Cloud Credits to Wallet, Maps, Playstore, or AdWords?

    A: No. The Cloud Credits can be applied toward Cloud billing only.

  4. Q: What other product offers do you have?

    A: We’re rolling out other product offerings based on interest and uptake. Drop us a line at if you have an idea of what product offerings could be useful.

  5. Q: Is this the same as the $100K Cloud offer?

    A: Yes. The $100K Cloud Credit is currently being offered through partner programs and is available to our “Build” and “Grow” tier startups.

  6. Q: If I am accepted to Startup Launch program does this means I am accepted to Launchpad?

    A: No. Launchpad events run globally throughout the year, and members of the Startup Launch program, together with our partner programs, will be considered based on geography. Selected startups will be invited to provide a bit more detail about their technologies and teams before final invitations are sent.

  7. Q: How do I get more out of this program?

    A: If you’re interested in the mentorship, UX reviews, or meeting other members, we encourage you to attend GBG and GDG events in your area. We’ll also e-mail you invitations throughout the year based on your location and areas of interest - in the meantime, keep in touch via our online community at G+

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Startup Launch helps startups design, develop and distribute their apps over the Google Developers Platform. Apply Now >