Payment Processor Service Overview

The Payment Processor service is a set of methods implemented by the integrator and called by Google. These methods are used to convey payments, remittance documents, and link accounts between the integrator and Google.

associateAccount POST /v1/associateAccount
Associates the customer's account with the payment processor to the Google instrument being added.
capture POST /v1/capture
Initiates money movement between a customer's account held with the payment processor and Google.
echo POST /v1/echo
Echos back the client_message passed in.
refreshToken POST /v1/refreshToken
Refreshes a payment token's expiration date.
refund POST /v1/refund
Refunds a portion of or all of a transaction initiated through capture.
remittanceStatementNotification POST /v1/remittanceStatementNotification
Notifies the integrator of a new remittance statement.
sendOtp POST /v1/sendOtp
Requests that the integrator send an OTP for the identified account.
verifyOtp POST /v1/verifyOtp
Verifies an OTP value was sent by the integrator for the account.