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Resource representations

The tax settings of a merchant account. All methods require the admin role.

  "kind": "content#accountTax",
  "accountId": unsigned long,
  "rules": [
      "country": string,
      "locationId": unsigned long,
      "useGlobalRate": boolean,
      "ratePercent": string,
      "shippingTaxed": boolean
Property name Value Description Notes
accountId unsigned long The ID of the account to which these account tax settings belong.
kind string Identifies what kind of resource this is. Value: the fixed string "content#accountTax".
rules[] list Tax rules. Updating the tax rules will enable US taxes (not reversible). Defining no rules is equivalent to not charging tax at all. writable
rules[].country string Country code in which tax is applicable. writable
rules[].locationId unsigned long State (or province) is which the tax is applicable, described by its location ID (also called criteria ID). writable
rules[].ratePercent string Explicit tax rate in percent, represented as a floating point number without the percentage character. Must not be negative. writable
rules[].shippingTaxed boolean If true, shipping charges are also taxed. writable
rules[].useGlobalRate boolean Whether the tax rate is taken from a global tax table or specified explicitly. writable


Retrieves and updates tax settings of multiple accounts in a single request.
Retrieves the tax settings of the account.
Lists the tax settings of the sub-accounts in your Merchant Center account.
Updates the tax settings of the account.