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Search Central Live (previously Webmaster Conference) is a flagship event series brought to you by the Google Search Central team to bring Search talks to your locations in your languages and to provide a venue for you to meet with the Search team, other Google teams, industry experts, and others in the search community.

The event made for you

Whether you're new to managing websites, or you have years of experience, Search Central Live is right for you. Learn how you can enhance your site's performance in Search from industry experts and the Google Search team.

These events are organized all over the world: in 2019 alone we landed in 35 locations around the world in and presented in 12 languages. Every event is available at no charge.

Learn from Googlers and industry experts, face to face

We invited Googlers and experts from around the world to speak about topics that you can use to enhance your website and its performance in Google's search results. The speaker lineup is different for each event depending on what topics are covered. Check out the speaker line up for each event on the individual event site.

Attend talks specially crafted for you

It doesn't matter if you recently created a website or you have years of experience managing websites. The events are aimed at anyone who wants to build great websites and learn more about Google Search, no matter if you are a site owner, web developer, or SEO professional—these events are for you. Based on feedback from the local communities and analyses, we tailor each event for the audience that signed up to make sure everyone has something they can learn or benefit from. The topics are also specially crafted depending on the locations or different market needs.

Meet the experts and the community

Take the opportunity to meet familiar faces or connect with others in the industry. Ask questions live, or have hallway or lunch discussions at the event.

Check out the highlight video from our Search Central Live 2023 events:

How to find the next event near you

For upcoming events, you can check our event calendar or follow us at @googlesearchc.

FAQs about attending a Search Central Live event

The following questions apply to each event, regardless of the country. Got a question about a specific event? Check if the event's website already covers it, or contact the local team with your question.

How much does a ticket cost?

Tickets are available at no charge.

Does Google provide accommodation, visa and transportation?

Unfortunately, we're unable to provide help with accommodation, visa, or transportation. Attendees are responsible for the cost of their own transportation and accommodation related expenses. We're unable to provide help with international travel. However, there may be more events in the future in your city or country. Check How to find the next event near me for more details.

Can I bring my spouse, children, or friends to the event or individual sessions?

Unfortunately, no. We have limited space at the event and that means no unregistered guests are allowed. Please forward the registration link to your friends or colleagues who are interested in attending the event. You can ask your guest to register if registration for an event is still open. Regarding children, unless otherwise noted on the individual event sites, children cannot attend the events. Generally the age limit for the events is 18 years-old.

Will there be a mother's room available?

Generally no, unless noted on the individual event site.

Can I bring my kids?

Generally no. Keep in mind that the events' age limit is generally 18 years old, and that additional guests, including children, must be registered and confirmed in order to attend the events.

Is food provided and do you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Unless otherwise noted on the individual event sites, food and refreshments are usually provided for all attendees, including those who declared their dietary restrictions during signup.

Can I attend more than one event?

You are free to register for more than one event, however you still need to be confirmed, just like everyone else.

Am I all set after registering?

After registering, check to see if you received a confirmation email from us. If we've reached capacity for an event, we can't accommodate additional registrations, and unconfirmed registrants will be included on a waiting list. Only attendees with confirmation emails can attend.

Where do I pick up my badge?

You can pick up your badge at the registration desk of the event you're attending. Follow the signs, or contact the local team if you're having trouble. Check your confirmation email about how to get in touch with the local team.

What if I can no longer attend the event?

If you're no longer able to attend an event, please look in your registration email for the link to unregister yourself. This will ensure that someone else can claim your spot.

What's the code of conduct?

All participants are expected to follow Google Event Community Guidelines and Anti-Harassment Policy.

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