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The conversion resource has methods that allow users to create, modify and retrieve Floodlight conversions in bulk. 

For a list of methods for this resource, see the end of this page.

Resource representations

A list of conversions.

  "kind": "doubleclicksearch#conversionList",
  "conversion": [
      "agencyId": long,
      "advertiserId": long,
      "engineAccountId": long,
      "campaignId": long,
      "adGroupId": long,
      "criterionId": long,
      "adId": long,
      "clickId": string,
      "dsConversionId": long,
      "conversionId": string,
      "state": string,
      "type": string,
      "revenueMicros": long,
      "currencyCode": string,
      "quantityMillis": long,
      "segmentationType": string,
      "segmentationId": long,
      "segmentationName": string,
      "conversionTimestamp": unsigned long,
      "conversionModifiedTimestamp": unsigned long,
      "floodlightOrderId": string,
      "customMetric": [
          "name": string,
          "value": double
      "customDimension": [
          "name": string,
          "value": string
      "countMillis": long,
      "attributionModel": string,
      "productGroupId": long,
      "inventoryAccountId": long,
      "productId": string,
      "productCountry": string,
      "productLanguage": string,
      "channel": string,
      "storeId": string,
      "deviceType": string
Property name Value Description Notes
conversion[] list The conversions being requested.
conversion[].adGroupId long DS ad group ID.
conversion[].adId long DS ad ID.
conversion[].advertiserId long DS advertiser ID.
conversion[].agencyId long DS agency ID.
conversion[].attributionModel string Available to advertisers only after contacting DoubleClick Search customer support.
conversion[].campaignId long DS campaign ID.
conversion[].channel string Sales channel for the product. Acceptable values are:
  • "local": a physical store
  • "online": an online store
conversion[].clickId string DS click ID for the conversion.
conversion[].conversionId string For offline conversions, advertisers provide this ID. Advertisers can specify any ID that is meaningful to them. Each conversion in a request must specify a unique ID, and the combination of ID and timestamp must be unique amongst all conversions within the advertiser.
For online conversions, DS copies the dsConversionId or floodlightOrderId into this property depending on the advertiser's Floodlight instructions.
conversion[].conversionModifiedTimestamp unsigned long The time at which the conversion was last modified, in epoch millis UTC.
conversion[].conversionTimestamp unsigned long The time at which the conversion took place, in epoch millis UTC.
conversion[].countMillis long Available to advertisers only after contacting DoubleClick Search customer support.
conversion[].criterionId long DS criterion (keyword) ID.
conversion[].currencyCode string The currency code for the conversion's revenue. Should be in ISO 4217 alphabetic (3-char) format. writable
conversion[].customDimension[] list Custom dimensions for the conversion, which can be used to filter data in a report.
conversion[].customDimension[].name string Custom dimension name.
conversion[].customDimension[].value string Custom dimension value.
conversion[].customMetric[] list Custom metrics for the conversion.
conversion[].customMetric[].name string Custom metric name.
conversion[].customMetric[].value double Custom metric numeric value.
conversion[].deviceType string The type of device on which the conversion occurred.

Acceptable values are:
  • "TABLET"
conversion[].dsConversionId long ID that DoubleClick Search generates for each conversion.
conversion[].engineAccountId long DS engine account ID.
conversion[].floodlightOrderId string The Floodlight order ID provided by the advertiser for the conversion.
conversion[].inventoryAccountId long ID that DS generates and uses to uniquely identify the inventory account that contains the product.
conversion[].productCountry string The country registered for the Merchant Center feed that contains the product. Use an ISO 3166 code to specify a country.
conversion[].productGroupId long DS product group ID.
conversion[].productId string The product ID (SKU).
conversion[].productLanguage string The language registered for the Merchant Center feed that contains the product. Use an ISO 639 code to specify a language.
conversion[].quantityMillis long The quantity of this conversion, in millis. writable
conversion[].revenueMicros long The revenue amount of this TRANSACTION conversion, in micros (value multiplied by 1000000, no decimal). For example, to specify a revenue value of "10" enter "10000000" (10 million) in your request. writable
conversion[].segmentationId long The numeric segmentation identifier (for example, DoubleClick Search Floodlight activity ID).
conversion[].segmentationName string The friendly segmentation identifier (for example, DoubleClick Search Floodlight activity name).
conversion[].segmentationType string The segmentation type of this conversion (for example, FLOODLIGHT).

Acceptable values are:
conversion[].state string The state of the conversion, that is, either ACTIVE or REMOVED. Note: state DELETED is deprecated.

Acceptable values are:
  • "ACTIVE"
  • "DELETED":  (Deprecated)
conversion[].storeId string The ID of the local store for which the product was advertised. Applicable only when the channel is "local".
conversion[].type string The type of the conversion, that is, either ACTION or TRANSACTION. An ACTION conversion is an action by the user that has no monetarily quantifiable value, while a TRANSACTION conversion is an action that does have a monetarily quantifiable value. Examples are email list signups (ACTION) versus ecommerce purchases (TRANSACTION).

Acceptable values are:
  • "ACTION"
kind string Identifies this as a ConversionList resource. Value: the fixed string doubleclicksearch#conversionList.


Retrieves a list of conversions from a DoubleClick Search engine account.
Inserts a batch of new conversions into DoubleClick Search.
Updates a batch of conversions in DoubleClick Search.
Updates the availabilities of a batch of floodlight activities in DoubleClick Search.