Conversion: update

Requires authorization

Updates a batch of conversions in DoubleClick Search.


HTTP request



This request requires authorization with the following scope (read more about authentication and authorization).


Request body

In the request body, supply a Conversion resource with the following properties:

Property name Value Description Notes
Optional Properties
conversion[].currencyCode string The currency code for the conversion's revenue. Should be in ISO 4217 alphabetic (3-char) format. writable
conversion[].quantityMillis long The quantity of this conversion, in millis. writable
conversion[].revenueMicros long The revenue amount of this TRANSACTION conversion, in micros (value multiplied by 1000000, no decimal). For example, to specify a revenue value of "10" enter "10000000" (10 million) in your request. writable
conversion[].state string The state of the conversion, that is, either ACTIVE or REMOVED. Note: state DELETED is deprecated.

Acceptable values are:
  • "ACTIVE"
  • "DELETED":  (Deprecated)


If successful, this method returns a Conversion resource in the response body.

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