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Publisher Ads Audits for Lighthouse improves ad speed and overall quality through a series of automated audits. This tool helps resolve discovered problems and evaluates the effectiveness of iterative changes while suggesting actionable feedback.

Publisher Ads Audits for Lighthouse is built on top of Lighthouse, an open source tool integrated into Chrome DevTools that is widely used by developers. By default, the reports that Publisher Ads Audits for Lighthouse produces include all categories currently included in Lighthouse along with an additional "Publisher Ads" category that appears at the top.

We are currently in beta and still in the development process. To help us improve, please submit feedback to let us know of any issues or suggestions you have.

Web service

Publisher Ads Audits for Lighthouse is a web service that fetches a site remotely for analysis.

This runs a headless version of Chrome, emulating a Nexus 5X by default.

For more specific information, see the Runtime settings section at the bottom of each report.



A bookmarklet is available for on-demand scanning of a current page.

Drag the following button to your bookmarks bar:

Audit My Ads

Click this button on any page to generate a report for the current url.


To provide feedback, use this Google Form.