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Migrating to Places SDK for iOS, version 2

With the version 2 release of the Maps SDK for iOS, the Places SDK for iOS has been split from the Maps SDK for iOS and is now distributed as a separate CocoaPod.

Take the following steps to update your existing apps:

  • Update your Podfile to reference the GooglePlaces CocoaPod in addition to the GoogleMaps CocoaPod. If you are not using the Maps SDK for iOS, you can remove GoogleMaps.
  • If you are using the place picker, update your Podfile to reference the GooglePlacePicker CocoaPod in addition to GooglePlaces.
  • Rename GoogleMaps to GooglePlaces in all imports where you are using the Places API.
  • Specify your API key using GMSPlacesClient.provideAPIKey(_:) instead of GMSServices.provideAPIKey(_:).
  • Get the required open source license text using GMSPlacesClient.openSourceLicenseInfo() as well as GMSServices.openSourceLicenseInfo() if you are using the Maps SDK for iOS or the Place Picker.

Your API key will continue to work as usual.

For manual SDK installation instructions, see Get Started with the Places API for iOS.

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