Partner program

We're excited to see that you want to build a product that integrates with Google Photos APIs! As your app grows, the Google Photos partner program can help you deliver a consistent and premium experience to your users.

We care deeply about the experience of Google Photos users and hold a high standard for the quality of products that integrate with our APIs. Every partner we work with is required to follow a list of guidelines and best practices that ensure integrations are seamless and secure.

Express interest

Program benefits

Joining the partner program allows you to take advantage of the following:

  • Increased quota limits
  • Partner support channels
  • The latest features
  • An official badge to use in marketing materials

Frequently asked questions

Can I try the Google Photos Library API without joining the partner program?
Yes, you can integrate with the Library API without joining the partner program. However, if your app is likely to exceed the general availability quota limit, express interest in the Google Photos partner program.
Where can I find the integration guidelines and best practices?
As you integrate with the Library API, you should keep the Acceptable use policy, Technical best practices, and UX guidelines in mind.
My submission was not accepted into the partner program. Can I re-apply?
If you applied more than 6 months ago, please re-apply with the new information. On the other hand, if you applied within the last 6 months, reply to the email we sent you regarding your submission, with some information about what has changed in your use case or quota requirements.
Can I use Google Photos logos in my marketing efforts?
As part of the partner program, you will have access to some of the Google Photos brand assets, including a "Works with Google Photos" badge that you can use in your marketing efforts.
I have been accepted to the partner program. How do I launch my integration?
Before you can launch your application, it must pass two reviews:
  1. OAuth verification review
  2. Google Photos APIs integration review (details supplied upon acceptance into the Google Photos partner program)
I am seeing an "unverified app" error when using my application. How do I submit my app for verification?

This error means you have not yet completed the OAuth verification review. This verification is independent and in addition to any reviews conducted as part of the Google Photos partner program.

You must submit a verification request to remove the unverified app warning on the screen. Find out more about unverified apps and get answers to frequently asked questions about app verification in the Help Center.

Premier tier

How much does the premier tier cost?
There is no cost associated with the premier tier and no required revenue sharing.
What is the premier tier and how can I join the premier tier?
The premier tier is a suite of enhanced API features that leverage the powerful machine intelligence of Google Photos. After joining the partner program, please reach out through your existing channels for more information on joining.
What requirements do I need to meet to join the premier tier?
You will need to comply with the existing Acceptable use policy and UX guidelines, demonstrate steady high-level user engagement with the API, and comply with additional UX and implementation requirements.