Accepted Students Information

Please read this document carefully. It contains important information regarding your participation in Google Summer of Code.

What do I do first?

Community bonding

The first month of GSoC is the Community Bonding period. We hope that you're already interacting with your organization, but now is the time to go deeper. This phase is intended to help you get ready to contribute to your mentoring organization full time in late May. Talk to your Mentor now to understand what they expect from you over the next few weeks during Community Bonding, and throughout the program.

Community Bonding activities may involve:

  • Becoming familiar with the community practices and processes. (This should involves a mix of observation and participation.)
  • Participating on Mailing Lists / IRC / etc. (Not just lurking.)
  • Setting up your development environment.
  • Small (or large) patches/bug fixes. (These do not need to be directly related to your GSoC project.)
  • Participating in code reviews for others. (Even someone who isn't familiar with the project can contribute by pointing out potential inefficiencies, bad error handling, etc.)
  • Working with your Mentor and other org members on refining your project plan. This might include finalizing deadlines and milestones, adding more detail, figuring out potential issues, etc.
  • If you are already familiar with the organization, you could be helping others get involved in the community.
  • Reading (and updating!) documentation you will need to understand to complete your project.
  • Reporting or replicating bugs.

Be sure to read the roles and responsibilities page so you know what is expected of you but also what to expect from your Mentor this summer.

Update your Project Abstract and Title

You are encouraged to update your project abstract and title (if necessary). This is what the world sees on the GSoC site. The abstract should be a few sentences containing a brief overview of your project. This is what you will refer people to when you link to your project - you’ll want it to look good.

Update your Display Name

The display name you chose is what the world will see. If you wish to reference your work later you may prefer to use your real name (not a nickname). You can update your display name by going to your profile and editing the field until June 29th.


You will receive an email before May 10th with information regarding your stipend amount.

For more information on your stipend, please visit the Student Stipends page.


Stipend payments are processed through Payoneer.

In order to receive any GSoC stipends you must register for a Payoneer account before June 10th, 2018.

You will receive an email before May 10th with instructions on how to register. You must use the link in that email to register for your GSoC account as it is associated with your GSoC enrollment. Do not go to the Payoneer site directly and register. If you do not use the provided link, you will not be paid.

For more details on Payoneer and the payment process read Payoneer / Student Payment Information.

Tax Forms

Read about required tax forms on the tax form page.

CPT Letters

Information about CPT letters is available on the CPT Letter page.

Important Dates

When What
April 23 - May 14 Community Bonding Period
June 10 Deadline to register with Payoneer and submit your tax form
June 11 - 15 First evaluation period
June 22 Students who pass first evaluation receive first payment (30%)
July 9 - 13 Second evaluation period
July 20 Students who pass second evaluation receive second payment (30%)
August 6 - 14 Students submit their code, write final report, and submit a final evaluation of their mentor
Late August Students who pass final evaluation receive final payment (40%)
Late September/early October Packages with t-shirts are shipped to students who pass the program


Packages (t-shirt, pen, and notebook) will be shipped out to students who successfully pass their final evaluation. The package will be shipped to the address you listed in your profile. Please do not email us about your package unless you have not received it by October 10th.

Please remember that if you reside in one of the restricted countries (Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Myanmar (Burma), Peru, Russia, and Ukraine) listed in the Program Rules you will not receive any physical items from us. Should you successfully complete the entire program you will receive a digital completion certificate via email in September.

GSoC Student Mailing List

If you would like to be included on the GSoC Students Mailing List (an invitation only list of current and past GSoC students) be sure to update your profile to "Subscribe" to the Students list. We encourage you to join this list as you can talk to other students across the program and can get guidance on any questions you may have during GSoC. You can remove yourself from the group at any time by following the unsubscribe link in the footer of every email. Never send personal information (phone number, address, government identification numbers, etc.) to a group mailing list.