Payoneer / Student Payment Information


For most of you, the stipend is a vital aspect of the Google Summer of Code program because it is what allows you to focus your time and energy on writing code. Distributing funds to students in 80+ countries is a specialized task and that is why we have again partnered with Payoneer.


Payoneer offers two options to receive your stipend:

  1. A Google branded Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard® card. The card is reloadable and can be used to make purchases or ATM withdrawals wherever MasterCard® is accepted worldwide.
  2. Direct deposit to your local bank account. With Payoneer’s local bank transfer, Payoneer will send funds directly to your bank account securely and at a reduced cost. This service is available in over 200 countries and more than 150 currencies.

Make sure you read and understand all the terms, conditions, fees, and FAQ's associated with Payoneer which you will need to agree to upon registration. This information can also be accessed in your personal Payoneer My Account.

NOTE: In some countries (such as India), only direct deposit is available.

Payment Schedule

Approximate Date Amount
July 1 30%
July 29 30%
Early September 40%

More information on stipends.


Inactivity Card Fees

WARNING: The Prepaid card has a 3 USD fee after 6 months of inactivity, if your card retains a balance.


If your proposal is accepted you will receive an email from Google with a personalized link for you to use to register for your Payoneer account. You must complete your Payoneer registration (including tax forms where appropriate) by June 20th to receive your first stipend on time.

After you register, your Payoneer account will be reviewed. You will receive an email when it is approved. If you apply for the card, it will be shipped to the address you provide Payoneer.

  • If you have previously registered for Payoneer, and already have an account, just click on "Already Have a Payoneer Account" after clicking on the registration link.

INDIA STUDENTS: If you are in India, you will be asked for a "Purpose Code". You must select code P1009- Architectural Services. Yes, it sounds strange to put Architectural Services, but it is the designated code for this program. Thanks.

IMPORTANT: Payoneer has a different set of shipping restrictions than Google does. Contact Payoneer for details.


If you have any questions regarding your Payoneer account, please be sure to contact Payoneer directly via their contact page. You can also use the link in your Payoneer My Account page. You will receive login information upon completion of your registration. Payoneer offers multilingual customer support for all payment related issues via e-mail, telephone and live chat.

If your card is lost or stolen, please contact Payoneer immediately so it can be disabled and so that a new card can be sent to you.