Acceptance Date

The date accepted Projects (and thus the Students associated with those Projects) are announced on the Program Website. Also the date Students must be enrolled in or accepted into a university program in order to be eligible for that year’s program.

Community Bonding Period

The period of time between when accepted students are announced and the time these students are expected to start coding. This time is an excellent one to introduce students to the community, get them on the right mailing lists, working with their mentors on their timeline for the summer, etc.


A review by the Mentor of their Student's work or a review by the Student of their Mentor.


Google Summer of Code

Ideas List

The list of ideas for Projects an Organization would like students to work on during the contest. The list is published by an Organization on its website.


Internet Relay Chat - a communication forum used by many open source organizations. Basically a giant chat room where you can talk with other developers in the community in real time.


The Organization Administrators and Mentors for a given Organization.


A member of an organization who oversees the progress of a student participant. Mentors are required to be contributors to an open source project before being assigned a GSoC student.


An open source, free software or technology-related project that mentors students for Google Summer of Code. Also known as a mentor organization.

Organization Administrator (Org Admin)

An organization administrator oversees the progress of a mentor organization and its students throughout the program. Duties include creating org application, inviting mentors, making sure all evaluations have been completed, and dealing with mentor stipends.

Post-secondary Educational Program

A post-secondary educational program includes a college, university, undergraduate program, licensed coding camp, or other similar program.

Program Administrator (Program Admin)

Google employees who run the program.


A open source coding project to be worked on by a student as an individual. Once a student’s proposal is accepted it then becomes known as a project for the remainder of the program.

Proof of Enrollment

Documentation evidencing a student's enrollment or acceptance into a post-secondary educational program, as of the May 21, 2021 or proof of graduation from such a program between December 1, 2020 and May 17, 2021.


The written document a student submits describing the project they would like to work on for the summer with a particular organization. Most organizations have templates or specific items they want included on the proposal.


Coordinated Universal Time

Umbrella Organization

A larger project/mentor organization that includes some smaller, related open source projects as part of their community. Examples of an umbrella organization include the Apache Foundation and Python Software Foundation.