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Driven by your passion for real-world solutions and empowering lives, we're on a journey to a future bursting with possibilities. Jeanine Banks, VP & GM of Developer X and Head of Developer Relations, recaps this year's highlights.
Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, find the resources you need to build robust content-driven web apps with our curated learning pathways.
Get ready for DevFest 2023, Google Search turns 25 – see developer queries over the years, Android 14 is now generally available, watch the Android Show for the latest product updates, and more.
Share feedback about the new experimental Project IDX, explore the new TensorFlow Lite plugin for Flutter, introducing Tech Equity Collective Black Genius Academy, and more.
Privacy Sandbox is now generally available, Android Studio Giraffe is now stable, explore Project IDX to bring your fullstack, multiplatform app workflow to the cloud, and more.
Register for Google Cloud Next '23, try Visual Blocks – a new ML prototyping tool, explore 10 principles for LGBTQIA+ product inclusion, and more.