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Google I/O recap highlights advancements in AI tools for developers. Learn how to integrate generative AI like Gemini models into your apps and access resources like training videos and competitions to win prizes. Discover new features across Android, Google Cloud, and Workspace platforms.
Google I/O program details are out! Over 150 sessions on various development topics are available. Explore featured content like using AI for development and new features in Gemini models.
Join us online for Google I/O on May 14 to discover, innovate, and unlock new possibilities with Google's latest developer tools.
Developers can request access to preview Gemini 1.5 Pro, our model with a groundbreaking 1M token context window for more helpful capabilities and useful applications.
Google Cloud Next ’24 is coming to Las Vegas this April. Join us for a global exhibition of inspiration, innovation, and education.
Driven by your passion for real-world solutions and empowering lives, we're on a journey to a future bursting with possibilities. Jeanine Banks, VP & GM of Developer X and Head of Developer Relations, recaps this year's highlights.