Google Cloud Platform Setup

Access to the Smart Device Management (SDM) API is provided through Google Cloud Platform (GCP). To enable the API and authorize a Google account with a supported Google Nest device, you'll need a GCP project.

You can use an existing GCP project or create a new one. If you don't have a project, or are not familiar with GCP, we recommend you go through the Quick Start Guide first. It guides you through all the steps necessary to get started with Device Access.

Go to the Quick Start Guide

To learn more about creating projects and GCP in general, we recommend the following resources:

Enable the API

The API Library listed in GCP for Device Access is Smart Device Management API. Before you can use Device Access you must enable this API in your project.

Enable Smart Device Management API on the API Enablement page.

OAuth 2.0 Client ID

The SDM API uses Google OAuth for user authorization. In order to complete the authorization process, you need to generate OAuth credentials in the form of an OAuth 2.0 Client ID.

Get an OAuth 2.0 Client ID on the Credentials page.